Air Freight

Soar High, Ship Fast

Ajah Logistics’ specialists are stationed in major entry and exit point to ensure that timely and efficient actions prevent unnecessary costs or delays.

Our proffesional relationship with the airlines guaranty a balance of quality, Minimal cost and reliability that will suit your needs. We ensure that our Clients enjoy limitless access worldwide.

Customers are valued, We provide full accountability and regular update to our clients during the whole process of conveying the freight.

Our access to all major airlines and ability to solve challenges ensures that during any operation interruptions,we are able to access alternative capacity to ensure that your Cargo gets to its destination as promised.

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Direct Transport

Experience the epitome of efficiency and reliability with our direct air transportation services. Our direct transportation service utilizes optimized routing to minimize handling, mitigate the risk of delays, loss or damage and maximize efficiency. We understand the urgency and precision required in toda s fast paced logistics landscape and our direct transportation is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. We ensure your cargo bypasses unnecessary stops and delays, reaching its destination in record time.

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Consolidated Transport

Designed to accommodate varying cargo sizes and destinations, which allows multiple shipments to be combined into one. Our consolidated transport solutions offer unparalleled benefits for businesses of all scales with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By sharing space with other cargo, you benefit from reduced shipping expenses without compromising on service quality


Charter Transport

Embark on a journey of unparalleled flexibility and convenience with our charter transport services. Charter transport ensures your cargo receives priority handling from start to finish, guaranteeing expedited delivery to its destination. With dedicated resources and personalized service, we prioritize your shipment, ensuring it arrives on time, every time. From oversized machinery to sensitive commodities, our charter transport services accommodate a wide range of cargo types and sizes to be transported hassle-free.

Some of the Airlines we work with: